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Helper III
Helper III

Accummulated total, but start from zero


I have the below table, where the SOH Pre purchase is the running total of SOH start + Manufacture Qty - Units Sold.

However, in some cases, we do not have stock and then have to purchase the quantity to be able to sell to the customer.

At which point our stock on hand is zero.

My problem is in line 3... where we manufacture 9 items. What should the correct formula be for SOH  After Purchase? To take into account purchase stock as well?


Thank you in advance


ItemDateSOH StartManufacturing Qty Units Sold SOH Pre PurchasePurchase QuantitySOH  After Purchase
k90008A01 January 2019               -  00000
k90008A16 January 2019 09-990
k90008A17 January 2019 90000
k90008A18 January 2019 26026026
k90008A15 May 2019 10036036
k90008A27 May 2019 0234034
k90008A09 July 2019 9043043
k90008A11 July 2019 0934034
k90008A08 February 2021 9043043
k90008A10 February 2021 5048048
k90008A12 February 2021 01038038
k90008A10 March 2021 9047047
Community Support
Community Support

If I understand your request correctly, you can simply create “SOH After Purchase” column by adding the “Purchase Quantity” column after the cumulative total.


SOH Pre =
    SUM ( Table[Manufacturing Qty ] ),
    FILTER ( Table, [Date] <= EARLIER ( Table[Date] ) )
) - Table[Units Sold ]
SOH after =
    SUM ( Table[Manufacturing Qty ] ),
    FILTER ( Table, [Date] <= EARLIER ( Table[Date] ) )
) - Table[Units Sold ] + Table[Purchase Quantity]


 Pre and After.JPG


Hi, the problem is that the purchase quantity, is a calculated quantity.

For example if the shortfall in units are 9, such as in line 2, the 9 units must be purchased.

My problem is to add these additional 9 units then back into the running stock on hand quantity.




You are able to add the additional Purchase Quantity back to the running total by simple adding even it is calculated column.

I don't really get what do you mean, can you provide a sample pbix and show us the expected result in the columns.


Hi, I have saved the excel file in this downloadable link.


Excel file with workings 


I try to recreate the below columns - highlighted in red on the file, in Power BI.

 Purchase Prev Buy check end soh 


I appreciate your time.



Hi,  I have calculated the Purchase Qty outside of Power BI for now.

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