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Helper III
Helper III

1899-12-30 only appear in CSV

Hi There,


I've read numerous post regarding the 1899-12-30 formatting issue but couldn't find any solution.


My Power BI file is connected to a local Excel File. In the Excel file, the Join Time column values are pasted like so : 3/20/2023 07:00:00 PM


In Power BI i transform data in Power Query Editor format to only show Time so i'm left with 07:00:00 PM.
It's all showing perfectly in the table. However when i export data to CSV. In the CSV file it's showing 1899-12-30 07:00:00 PM

I've tried the below
In my Excel, remove the date and retain only the time

Power query > change to Time Only format

Modelling Tab > change format to -> 1:30 PM (h:nn AM/PM)

i've done everything where i remove the date entirely in my source file, purposefully change the format to Time only although i have already removed the date, but i still get the 1899-12-30 in my CSV export data

Super User
Super User

Hi @Keith011,


I have observed that behaviour as well. My workaround is to use FORMAT to convert time to text. The export to CSV now shows the time without 1899-12-30 date.

 = FORMAT ( 'Table'[time],"hh:mm am/pm" )

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