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1 to many relationship providing wrong results in visualization

Hello. I have the following two tables:

Table 1: Position Details

Table 2: Survey


There is a M:1 Relationship from Table 1 to Table 2.

When I put fields from both tables into a visualization, aggregations get messed up. 

For example, Table 2 only contains data belonging to specific business units (that's a field in Table 1).

But when I present data in a graph, a number field from Table 2 gets aggregated across all business units in Table 1. See below



My expectation is to see the average for only the business units that are actually related to table 2.

Super User
Super User

When you see something like this either :

a) the relationship is not working (wrong data type or no matching data) OR

b) the relationship is the wrong way round.


I suspect it's b) but I can't quite work out which fields from which table are in the visual.

This part "M:1 Relationship from Table 1 to Table 2" implies Table2 is filtering Table1. Is that what you want?

You want the dimension table to filter the fact table.


Is that enough to get you closer to the problem?

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