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Helper III
Helper III

Dataflow Gen2 - Query name cannot contain the following characters: " \ / : | < > * ? '



We are looking at migrating a Power BI Legacy Dataflow to Dataflow Gen2 to take advantage of two things -


1. We can still use the existing dataset to repoint from the legacy dataflow to the dataflow gen2.

2. Use dataflow gen2 to write the output to lakehouse (instead of the legacy csv files). This will allow external teams to easily consume the lakehouse tables in other reporting tools.


But, currently we get a warning - Query name cannot contain the following characters: " \ / : | < > * ? ' when we recreate the power queries in dataflow gen2. We can currently ignore the warning but we do not know the implications. We want to keep the table names the same so as not to affect the dataset and all the visualizations built around the dataset.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I'm not sure how you are ignoring the warning - it should prevent you from saving the query name if it has invalid characters. Can you clarify that?


As far as the implications - we have this validation to prevent issues with downstream consumption due to inconsistent support for special characters. I would definitely recommend renaming the tables to exclude prohibited characters in the query names, as it will lead to other issues.

I am converting a Power BI Legacy dataflow to Dataflow Gen2 and the table names in legacy had : and / characters. There were no warnings in legacy.


Interestingly, dataflow gen2 throws a warning but allows to publish the dataflow -




This is what we want, as we have 69 tables in the legacy dataflow and the corresponding dataset is conected to 130 plus reports.


But when applying the destination, the mapping removes the special characters -



This is also fine for us as the dataset will seamlessly point to dataflow gen2 and external teams can access the tables from the lakehouse using SQL endpoint and is okay with the new names


So we hope dataflow gen2 can continue allowing the use of special characters just like legacy dataflow.

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