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Helper I
Helper I

Dataflow Gen2 Mashup Error: Loading Data into Lakehouse

Hi all, 


I'm currently doing this fabric tutorial on youtube (

Uploading the parquet files into the Lakehouse was no problem. Then one needs to convert them into tables. With some of the files this is no problem however others have spaces in the column names which cause an error and cannot be convertet directly into a tables. For this the video shows a method how one can use dataflow Gen2 to convert the column names. 


After setting up the dataflow Gen2 and publishing it as shown in the video on 23:00 min I get the following error: 

Data_Store_1 parquet_WriteToDataDestination: Mashup Exception Data Format Error Couldn't refresh the entity because of an issue with the mashup document MashupException.Error: DataFormat.Error: Error in replacing table's content with new data in a version: #{0}., InnerException: We can't insert values of type '#{0}' into column '#{1}' because it expects values of type '#{2}'., Underlying error: We can't insert values of type 'DateTime' into column 'Open_Date' because it expects values of type 'Date'. Details: Reason = DataFormat.Error;Message = We can't insert values of type 'DateTime' into column 'Open_Date' because it expects values of type 'Date'.;Message.Format = We can't insert values of type '#{0}' into column '#{1}' because it expects values of type '#{2}'.;Message.Parameters = {"DateTime", "Open_Date", "Date"};Microsoft.Data.Mashup.Error.Context = User


In the youtube tutorial this error does not show up, so does anyone know how I can fix this??


Kind regards

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Janica123,


can you please try disabling staging for the query which has the data destination (based on you initial comment it should be Data Store_1 parquet) and then re-publish your dataflow?


As a reminder, you can disable staging by right-clicking on the query, and unchecking the "Enable staging" menu item.






Helper I
Helper I

I haven't done the tutorial but did get a similar error when trying to extract from a table even though source and target tables had the same type. The dataset import appears to sometimes guess the wrong type so you have to manually override what it says - in your case, change the datatype of the "Open_Date" column

Thanks for your reply, I already tried to overriede the Date-Type manually in the Dataflow but it didn't change anything...

Hi @Janica123 


Thanks for using Microsoft Fabric Community.

Apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing here and the delay in response from my end.

Please reach out to our support team to gain deeper insights and explore potential solutions, If its a bug, we will definitely would like to know and properly address it. It's highly recommended that you reach out to our support team. Their expertise will be invaluable in suggesting the most appropriate approach.

Please go ahead and raise a support ticket to reach our support team:

After creating a Support ticket please provide the ticket number as it would help us to track for more information.


Thank you.

Power Participant
Power Participant

To which table does this column 'Open_Date' belong?  Have you tried changing its type from 'datetime' to 'date' using the Editor GUI?

Community Admin
Community Admin

Can you go back to the Data Destination settings and show a screenshot of the column and data types mappings that show in there for the table?

Thanks for your reply! 
Here a screenshot of the column and data types mappings for the table 



Remark: The columns in my source originally have spaces. In the Data Destination settings Fabric automatically suggest me to fix this, since they are not allowed in destination. Thats reason for the information on the top 

This is strange.. I remember having the same issue once and I fixed it by opening the Advanced Editor and adding  {"DATE", type date}  to the params list of function Table.TransformColumnTypes() like so:



  #"Changed column type"  = Table.TransformColumnTypes(
                                                          {"DATE", type date},


go to the workspace list view, find the dataflow, click the 3 dots and get the ".json" file for the dataflow. In there you can check the Mashup script and see if there's any reference made to a datetime - that could be causing the issue.

Hi @Janica123 


We haven’t heard from you on the last response and was just checking back to see if you have a resolution yet. In case if you have any resolution please do share that same with the community as it can be helpful to others.
Otherwise, will respond back with the more details and we will try to help.


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