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Resolver I
Resolver I

The copy from sql server on premise has been released but it doesn't work

On-premise SQL Server copy task remains in queued state indefinitely

Resolver I
Resolver I

I finally solved it myself:
For those who use proxies, in addition to the files:
- C:\Program Files\On-premises data gateway\enterprisegatewayconfigurator.exe.config

- C:\Program Files\On-premises data gateway\Microsoft.PowerBI.EnterpriseGateway.exe.config

- C:\Program Files\Local Data Gateway\m\Microsoft.Mashup.Container.NetFX45.exe.config

with proxy configuration:

<defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true">


The 2 integration runtime files must also be updated:

- C:\Program Files\On-premises data gateway\FabricIntegrationRuntime\5.0\Shared\Fabrichost.exe.config

- C:\Program Files\On-premises data gateway\FabricIntegrationRuntime\5.0\Shared\Fabricworker.exe.config


Now it finally works

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Hi @marcoG 


Apologies for the issue you have been facing. 

It's difficult to tell what could be the reason for this performance. Please reach out to our support team so they can do a more thorough investigation on why this it is happening: Link 


After creating a Support ticket please provide the ticket number as it would help us to track for more information.



Hi @v-cboorla-msft ,


I have opened a support ticket regarding this issue:  2403280040003647.


Please let me know if you need any other details.



is there any news?


Hey MarcoG,


No news yet from Microsoft.  I have provided them (MS) with some details about the pipeline and am waiting to hear back.


I will let you know as soon as I have any infos.





I have installed the latest version(3000.218.7) of the gateway but the pipeline always queues indefinitely

Hi @marcoG ,


Update: (hope it helps you), after working with MS support, a new version of the on-prem data gateway was released (on April 18th 2024 - 3000.218.8).  As soon as I installed this new version, the pipelines started working.

For me it continues to remain in the queue forever even with the latest version of the gateway.

I use a proxy for the internet connection

Frequent Visitor

I did install the on-prem data gateway was released (on April 18th 2024 - 3000.218.8) and it still does not work.  The only difference with your observation, is, on my environment, the pipeline is stuck in the "in progress" status.  After 20 minutes, (for a pretty small table of 9 rows, 15 columns), I cancelled it.

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