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Cannot find supported delta type for logical type TimeSpan



Trying to use Copy Activity to copy data from Azure SQL Server to DataLake via Pipeline. 

Most of the tables are successful but some failed with the following error: 

Activity failed because an inner activity failed; Inner activity name: Copy_s2q, Error: ErrorCode=DeltaNotSupportedLogicalType,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=The logical type TimeSpan is not supported in Delta format. Reason: Cannot find supported delta type for logical type TimeSpan,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary,'


Any ideas on where to start looking to troubleshoot?


Output from CopyActivity:



"copyDuration": 9,

"errors": [{ "Code": 21450, "Message": "ErrorCode=DeltaNotSupportedLogicalType,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=The logical type TimeSpan is not supported in Delta format. Reason: Cannot find supported delta type for logical type TimeSpan,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary,'", "EventType": 0, "Category": 5, "Data": {}, "MsgId": null, "ExceptionType": null, "Source": null, "StackTrace": null, "InnerEventInfos": [] } ],

"usedDataIntegrationUnits": 4,

"usedParallelCopies": 1,

"executionDetails": [{ "source": {"type": "AzureSqlDatabase","region": "North Europe" },

"sink": { "type": "Lakehouse" },

"status": "Failed",

"start": "7/11/2023, 12:33:06 PM",

"duration": 9,

"usedDataIntegrationUnits": 4,

"usedParallelCopies": 1,

"profile": { "queue": { "status": "Completed", "duration": 6 }, "transfer": { "status": "Completed", "duration": 3 } },

"detailedDurations": { "queuingDuration": 6, "transferDuration": 3 } } ],

"dataConsistencyVerification": { "VerificationResult": "Unsupported" }





Would you mind filling a support case for this? We'll need engineering to track this one down. Thank you!

Hi there,


Did this issue ever get looked at as I've hit the same error with a 'Timespan' source column.  Even if try to cast the column as a varchar or even remove the Timespan column from the SELECT statement, I still hit the same error:  "Cannot find supported delta type for logical type TimeSpan"

Hey there DaveM92, 
After chatting to the support team, they advised mapping the data type to a 'string' as part of the initial load. 


In the copy wizard, on the mapping tab, I manually assigned the data type. Thankfully I only have 3 tables that this affects, so not a train smash, but not ideal either. 




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