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Power BI Questions

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I've delivered a few of the Power BI Dashboard in a Day for Women, by Women training courses in the United Kingdom. I really enjoy delivering these training days and I think they offer a valuable space for women to learn from and support each other. If anyone has any Power BI related questions do put them below and we can all try to help each other out! 


Many thanks,


New Member

Hi Anna, how are you? Thank you for creating this forum for ladies.  Is it convenient if I request for feedback for my Power BI project? I am taking part in a competition. I had condensed the findings into a one-page executive summary on Power BI.  Please advise. 

Hi Claire,


I'm well thanks, how are you?  If the data is all publicly available and safe to share then feel free to do so. If there are any specific parts that you'd like feedback on then let us know. 


Many thanks,


Thanks a lot Anna. I welcome constructive feedback. If you visit my portfolio page: please check out the Power BI report I did.  Actually I do not know how to create a nice background for the Canvas in Power BI.  Do you know where I can learn to do this? Your guidance will be very much appreciated. 

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thank you so much for this amazing thread. I have a question, how can I add a code on Power BI to change the "K" for thousand to "M" and the "M" for million to "MM".



Hi there,


Depending on what your intended purpose is, adding a new measure with a stated variable could work, here's an example of one that worked for me:


Formatted Number =
VAR OriginalNumber = [YourNumberColumn] 
    OriginalNumber >= 1000000,
    FORMAT(OriginalNumber / 1000000, "#,##0.0") & "MM",
        OriginalNumber >= 1000,
        FORMAT(OriginalNumber / 1000, "#,##0.0") & "M",
        FORMAT(OriginalNumber, "#,##0.0")
Hope that helps! 

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