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revenue churn

I have date set with (client id, Invoice id, plan id, amount, billing start date, billing end date). I have to identify revenue in 4 parts (New  revenue, Downgrade in revenue, Upgrade in revenue, Lost in revenue). I have identified Revenue from new customer, lost customer, lost customer and having hard time finding revenue from upgrade. Currently I can do (Upgrade - New customer revenue) but my total will be in negative, which is not my desire amount. Can any one help me identifying upgrade and downgrade in most efficient way.


 for Upgrade im using 

Upgrade = SUMX(VALUES(Revenue[clientid]),MAX(BLANK(),[Per Month Revenue Jump]))

DownGrade = SUMX(VALUES(Revenue[clientid]),MIN(BLANK(),[Per Month Revenue Jump]))

per month revenue change 
Per Month Revenue Jump = SUM(Revenue[Monthly Amount])-[Last Month Invoice]

Previous Month sale
Last Month Invoice = CALCULATE(SUM('Revenue'[Monthly Amount]),DATEADD('Calendar'[Date],-1,MONTH))

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Super User

Without data this is hard to do. What is [Per Month Revenue Jump] for example? Not sure why you are using BLANK() in MAX/MIN either. It treats them as 0, so why not use 0 to make the code more readable? 


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Hey Edhans


Please find the attach link


I have calculated absolute revenue of each customer to measure sales from new customer at any given point. Any added or removing service "different product", will  be cosnider downgrade and upgrade from the customer to track revenue change from the customer over time. I'm not able to come up with better logic to calculate downgrade and upgrade from the customer.

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