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filter based on 2 slicers and 2 or more selections

I want to filter my selection based on 2 slicers:
- slicer 1 is column name 'site' from table 1, where multiple selections are possible
- slicer 2 is column name 'site2' from table 2, where multiple selections are possible, but values are only possible based on slicer 1
I like to filter a column c from table 3, where only the values of slicer2 and slicer 1 are selected


Table 1 is primairy table with unique values
Table 2 , related to table 1 (1: many)

Table 3 is related to table 1 (1: many)



Resolver I
Resolver I

Dear @enthousiastnick ,

By default visuals are interactive, if there is a relationship of 'Slicer 1' with 'Slicer 2' it will automatically show you the relavant data.
If slicer data is not related to each other then, if you create relationship  in "BOTH" direction with Fact data you can achive the same, but check the consequences as you have not mentioned anything about your requirement.

I hope this will help you

well thank you for your reply. Of course I already tried all options, but tables are not primairy related.
Slicer a is based on table 1 with primairy unique values
Slicer b is based on table 2 and related to table 1 related Many to table 1 (resp many to 1)

Table 3 , from where I need the filter is related to tabel 1 related many to 1

so table 2 and 3 are not directly related; 

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