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Week on week trend to show last 5 weeks based on year ,month and week selections

Hi All,


I have a date column from which I need to plot a line graph with weeks in axis.I ahve year,month and week filter.If the selections are year-2022,month- Feb ,Week - WK7,then graph should show WK3,WK4,WK5,WK6,WK7.


Requesting the guidance.

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Super User

@ann33 , if you want to select a week and then display 5 weeks , you need two date table on joined and another one independent for slicer


//Date1 is independent Date table, Date is joined with Table
new measure =
var _max = maxx(allselected(Date1),Date1[week Rank])
var _min = _max -5
calculate( sum(Table[Value]), filter('Date', 'Date'[week Rank] >=_min && 'Date'[week Rank] <=_max))



For week rank, create new column in both date tables


Have these new columns in Date Table, Week Rank is Important in Date/Week Table

Week Rank = RANKX('Date','Date'[Week Start date],,ASC,Dense)
Week Rank = RANKX('Date','Date'[Year Week],,ASC,Dense) //YYYYWW format



Need of an Independent Date Table:


Power BI — Week on Week and WTD

Thank you But the other charts in the report should show only the selected week data.Can we achieve this along with the 4 weeks trend using a single slicer

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