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Multiply count of values in a column with a calculated column

Apologies if this seems a bit long winded, I am not the greatest BI user, but thought I had been able to do this. I hope I am putting enought detail in. I am using a SQL server as my data source with lots of interconnected tables through the modelling. I have generated some data which is correct.



The first table shows different classes and 'periods' is a count of number of times that code appears in a table. It is the values part of a matrix. I used the count of function in the fields settings, not DAX.


Second one is similar but counting a different value in the same way, 'pupils' is a count of the number of IDs for a specific class code.


The third table is a multiplication of the values of the previous two tables, using


Commitments by class v3 = SUMX ( VALUES ( 'Timetable Schedule'[txtCode] ), CALCULATE(COUNTA('Set Lists'[txtSchoolID])) * CALCULATE(COUNTA('Timetable Schedule'[txtCode])) )
Took me ages (noob), but that all works. What I want to do now is find a value for each class that is number of pupils (the value in the second table) multiplied by a fixed value that I used a calculated column to assign to each group. Basically how may reports they get each year
Reports per year = IF(CONTAINSSTRING([txtCode], "9"), "6", IF(CONTAINSSTRING([txtCode], "10"), "6", IF(CONTAINSSTRING([txtCode], "11"), "4",IF(CONTAINSSTRING([txtCode], "12"), "6",IF(CONTAINSSTRING([txtCode], "13"), "4", "")))))
I tried to edit my sumx dax, but no joy.
Any help massively appreciated.


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