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Multiply SucessRate per Country on each Person and Sum

Hello guys,


First post 😄


I'm having trouble on how to do this.



  • There are contracts (each one with a  price) on Continents
  • Persons have associated to them contracts
  • Success Rate to each person depends on the totalContracts / ContractsWon percentage on each continent.

I have already implemented the Success Rate



Sucess Rate Measure:

SucessRate 2 = (COUNTROWS(FILTER('Mgr/Ptr Sucess Rate'; 'Mgr/Ptr Sucess Rate'[WonOrNot] = 1))/ COUNTROWS('Mgr/Ptr Sucess Rate')) *100



  • First column:
    • Sum of all contracts of Person X
  • Second column:
    • What I want to do:
      • Multiply the success rate of the Person X on the Continent Y on the value of the contract that is on Continent Y
    • What I have:
      • ([SucessRate]/100) * CALCULATE(SUM('Manager Forecast'[MgrTotal]);'Manager Forecast'[Proposed] = 1)
      • (Sum all the contracts and multiply by the success rate



I'm sorry if I didn't expose the situation correctly.

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