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Helper I
Helper I

Manage changing job classifications over time.

Paycor is our payroll service, and we can output a report that has information on each employee for each payroll date.


At it's most basic it will show

Payroll Date : Name  : Job Title :  Pay for that period of time


Job title is the issue.  If an employee gets a changed job title, then all past transactions are changed to that new job title if I run the report today.  So, if 3 of our employees changed from Reception to MA as of July 2017, and are now classified as MA when I run the report today, and I want to see what our Receptionist department cost was in June 2017, then those 3 will be missing from the list because they are now classified as MA from now back to the beginning.


I'm sure there exists some system or clever solution to manage this, i'm just not sure what it is or where to start.  An suggestions?



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Well, should you then not keep a history of Job Title changes for each and every Name? You should.

So, you have to have another fact table that will store job titles for all dates and all employees. Connect this to your Dates table.

By the way, you need the following dimensions: Dates, Employees (for Names), JobTitles. And two fact tables: Payroll (Date,Name,Pay), JobTitleHistory (Date,Name,JobTitle).

Join dimensions to facts with 1:many relationships and you're OK to build your DAX.

I'd also suggest not to use Name as the id field but EmployeeID (which will not change even if the employee's name does).

The key to building good and easy to manage models is to reach the star schema. The above will give you one.


So, i'm creating and maintaining a table like this?



Employee numberEmployee nameDatePosition
1John Doe1/1/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/1/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/1/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/1/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/1/2019Manager
1John Doe1/2/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/2/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/2/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/2/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/2/2019Manager
1John Doe1/3/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/3/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/3/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/3/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/3/2019Manager
1John Doe1/4/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/4/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/4/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/4/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/4/2019Manager
1John Doe1/5/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/5/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/5/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/5/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/5/2019Manager
1John Doe1/6/2019Clerk
2Peter Parker1/6/2019Clerk
3Daisy May1/6/2019Reception
4Lexy Ann1/6/2019Reception
5Jack Black1/6/2019Manager

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