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Helper I
Helper I

GBP Pound sign in measure not working, but US dollar is working



I am trying to combine some values to create a label for a chart that I have. I have tried to add in a GBP sign but it just gives me a mix of letters and numbers, yet when I change it dollar sign it works. Is there a reason for this? Or a workaround??


Dax Measure used: 

DataLabel = FIRSTNONBLANK(Merge1[New TOC - Copy], "") & " $" & FORMAT(SUM(Merge1[Contracted and Uncontracted Value]),"#,##,,.0M")


 When changed to £ sign:


Super User
Super User

can you show the measure you used with the gbp und? cause i tried it and it works no issues when i uses [measure] & "£"

Same formula but pound sign


DataLabel = FIRSTNONBLANK(Merge1[New TOC - Copy]"") & " £" & FORMAT(SUM(Merge1[Contracted and Uncontracted Value]),"#,##,,.0M")

that is weird it should work fine maybe try inserted the gbp pound in the format so you get 

DataLabel = FIRSTNONBLANK(Merge1[New TOC - Copy], "") & " " & FORMAT(SUM(Merge1[Contracted and Uncontracted Value]),"£#,##,,.0M")

Tried that, the same issue occurs... very strange


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