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Divide by row in DAX


I would like help writing a DAX measure to divide by each row. 

I want to know what % of students did not submit an assignment. 
The issue comes in because we need to group the data by "Area" and "Term". 
There are two "Terms" either Fall 2020 or Fall 2021. 

Fortunately, there is a "% No Subs" calc column that gives a guideline of what I need the answers to look like. 

Please see table below for an example: 


There is a calculated column called "% No Subs". 
That was calculated by dividing #! Submitted by Max Enrol. 
However, I would like to create a measure that does this exact thing because measures are better than calc columns. 

Here is what I have tried: 

Rate =
SUMMARIZE('No Submissions Data','No Submissions Data'[Area],"Rate",SUMX (
'No Submissions Data',
DIVIDE('No Submissions Data'[# ! Submitted],'No Submissions Data'[Max Enrol])
Difference =
VAR f20 = CALCULATE('No Submissions Data'[No Submissions Rate],'No Submissions Data'[Term] = "Fall 2020")


VAR f21 = CALCULATE('No Submissions Data'[No Submissions Rate],'No Submissions Data'[Term] = "Fall 2021")


F21 - F20
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Continued Contributor

If you put Area and Term on the rows with the measure that @PaulOlding provide will work.
If it doesn't give you the result you are expecting, you'll need to provide us with more information. 
Example of the calculation, example of visual ...

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Super User



How about...

Rate =
VAR _NoSub = SUM('No Submissions Data'[# ! Submitted])

VAR _Enrol = SUM( 'No Submissions Data'[Max Enrol])


DIVIDE(_NoSub, _Enrol)

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Hi Paul, 

That won't give an accurate result. 

Each area has a different denominator (Max Enrol). 
Dividing by the total sum is will give the wrong answer to the question at hand. 

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