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Dax Query to Map URL to Test field

Hello all,

I have a matrix visual in which i have Status, Summary and Case No. and i want URL to be mapped with Case No. so that when i click on Case No. that corresponding URL should be opened. and i don't want to use that URL onto the matrix visual. Can some one help me to find a solution to this scenario.

Community Support
Community Support

Thank you  @johnbasha33  for your prompt reply.

Hi @GSathishKumar ,

May I ask if your problem has been solved. If the above reply was helpful, you may consider marking it as solution. If the problem is not yet solved, please feel free to ask us a question.


Best Regards,

Ada Wang

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

@GSathishKumar  first you need to select your visual and follow these steps so your case no will be highlighted as url and you can click on case no it will take you to the URL. let me know if you need any further help.


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If i add Case no. onto the value field only i can map url to case no, for that i even created dynamic dax query to pick url based on case no., and when i apply conditional formatting on case no field to map the url, i am able to get the desired result. but it's not picking all of the rows, duplicate values its ignoring.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage


To achieve this scenario, you can use the "Drillthrough" feature in Power BI. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. **Create a separate table**: First, create a separate table that contains the Case No. and corresponding URL.

2. **Define relationship**: Ensure there's a relationship between this new table and your existing data table, using the "Case No." column as the linking field.

3. **Configure Drillthrough**: In the Power BI report view, select the matrix visual. Go to the "Format" pane, and under the "Drillthrough" section, enable the "Drillthrough" option.

4. **Define Drillthrough page**: Create a new page in your Power BI report. Add a table or any other visual where you want to display the details corresponding to the Case No. This page will be your Drillthrough page.

5. **Add URL navigation**: In the Drillthrough page, add a "Web URL" button or shape. In the properties of this button or shape, set the URL to be the corresponding URL from your new table, based on the selected Case No.

6. **Configure Drillthrough action**: Go back to the main page with the matrix visual. Right-click on the "Case No." field in the matrix, then select "Drillthrough" > "New Drillthrough". Choose the Drillthrough page you created in step 4.

Now, whenever you click on a Case No. in the matrix visual, it will navigate to the Drillthrough page, where you can click on the Web URL button to open the corresponding URL.

This approach allows you to keep the URL separate from the matrix visual and provides a clean solution for opening URLs based on the selected Case No.

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@johnbasha33 requirement was like on the same report page when i click on case no, it should open the url corresponding the case no.

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