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Helper II
Helper II

Calculate filter OR

Item Last Cost =
calculate(AVERAGE( Products[last_cost] ),
FILTER(Bi_Balance_All,not(ISBLANK([Units at Stock])))
FILTER(Bi_Basket_all,not(ISBLANK([Basket Uints]))))
what's wrong here?! why i can't use or with this code?!!
Super User
Super User

I hope this message finds you well. I've noticed that this solution remain unresolved. If any of you have managed to find a resolution to the issue, I kindly request that you share your solution for the benefit of the entire community. Alternatively, if you're still facing challenges, please do let us know as well.

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Super User
Super User


Share data in a format that can be pasted in an MS Excel file, explain the question and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur




In the Query Editor, append the 2 tables (call that table Data).  Create a single column table with all unique Names (call this table Names).  Create a many to one relationship from the Data table and Product table to the Names table.  To your visual, drag Name from the Names table.  Write this measure

Measure = if(sum(Data[Balance])=0,blank(),sum(Product[Price]))

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur

i can't actullay do that, it's ver complicated cube with alot of relationships, i just tried to simplfy as mush as i can, but iused another measure 


VAR not_in_Scope = not(ISINSCOPE(Products[Item]))
Var Check_ = AND(ISBLANK(count(Bi_Balance_All[ProductID])),ISBLANK(count(Bi_Basket_all[MODEL_ID])))
if(Check_=TRUE() || not_in_Scope = True() ,blank(),AVERAGE(Products[last_cost]))

VAR balance = CALCULATE(AVERAGE(Products[last_cost]), FILTER(Bi_Balance_All,not(isblank([Units at Stock]))))
 VAR basket = CALCULATE(AVERAGE(Products[last_cost]), FILTER(Bi_Basket_all,not(isblank([Basket Uints]))))
 if( isblank(balance) && isblank(basket),blank(),AVERAGE(Products[last_cost])),
they both worked, i juts can't imagine that i can't use or with calculate and filter?!!!!
Super User
Super User

Hi @Amrselim1989 

I can only assume based on your dax that both tables filter the Products table. If this is the case you can try

NOT ISBLANK ( RELATED ( Bi_Balance_All[Units at Stock] ) )
|| NOT ISBLANK ( RELATED ( Bi_Basket_all[Basket Uints] ) )

Super User
Super User

Hi @Amrselim1989 ,

Try this kind of structure:

Measure =
calculate(AVERAGE( 'Table'[Value] ),
FILTER('Table (2)',not(ISBLANK([Units at Stock]) || not(ISBLANK([Basket Uints])))))

I hope this post helps to solve your issue and if it does consider accepting it as a solution and giving the post a thumbs up!

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no i can't the Basket Uints is coming from another table not table 2


calculate(AVERAGE( 'Table'[Value] ),
FILTER('Table (2)',not(ISBLANK([Units at Stock]) || "here must choose another table (not table 2)"not(ISBLANK([Basket Uints])))))

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