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"Rename To" as Field metadata

Users can "Rename" a Field for purposes of a Visual (I believe in the most recent release this functionality is actually labeled "Rename for this visual"). In a multi-page report I often find myself laboriously repeating this "Rename" process Visual-by-Visual if I want to change, say, one of the Fields used as a Row in a Matrix visual that happens to be repeated multiple times with different sets of Values.


It would be nice if a "Rename To" setting could be stored for each Field (the same way formatting is stored), and this Rename To value would automatically be used as the default name in any Visual the Field was in. This way, multiple Fields could exist to express different versions of the same concept to an end user without having to resort to "Rename" every time a change was made.


For example, maybe you have the following three fields:






and you always want each of these fields to be referred to as 'Strategy' in any visual. The inclusion of a "Rename To" metadata would make this situation trivial to manage.  

Status: New