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pulse chart > Add several series on X axis

Hi, I am a big user of Pulse Chart.

For example, you might here find my version of that chart in a public dashboard that compares GAFAM market cap.


My question is simple : I would like to have several series (serveral curves) on X axis, instead of only one curve/one series.

For instance this would enable peer evaluation over time.


Optional request : 

have the possiblilty to fill data points with icons (company logo for instance...)


Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Augustin de la Fouchardiere

Status: Accepted
Community Champion
Status changed to: Accepted
Community Champion

We included both requests into our backlog. We'll come back with ETA as soon as we prioritize them.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Impactful Individual

Thanks a lot @v-viig !

(FYI, the pulse chart is on page 2 😉 )


Best regards

Impactful Individual



Any news regarding my feature request ?

Best regards,



Advocate II

Hi @v-viig , was this feature actually rolled out ? As far as I know, NO. I am working on a use case which is quite simialr to that of @augustindelaf . Just wanted to confirm about its availability.


@augustindelafwere you able to find an alternative to achieve what you wanted (even partially) ? 🤔


Hope to get a response soon.


Thanks and regards.