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filter pane based on value

Since the improvements in the filter pane I removed several slicers from my reports and replaced them with a filter in the filter pane. This works very well, but i'm looking for a solution to create a 'filter in a filter'.
For example, in a chiclet slicer you can add a value (measure), so you can only see the categories which have a value.

For example
We have a customer report in which customers can view the incidents they reported.
In that report they can filter on the incident category. The list of categories is quite long and offcourse they can search for the relevant category, but I only want them to see the categories they actualy used, based on the number of incidents (at least 1).
(Not all categories are relevant for all customers)

Is it possible to create an option to add a measure value on a dimension field in the filter pane?

Status: New