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drill down based on legend

There must be an option of using a hierarchy of dimensions to drill down through. This would mean that as the user drills down the legend must change dynamically. This would mean that a user should be able to:

  • drill along the x-axis, for example time: Year > Month; AND
  • at the same time drill through the Legend. For example: Region > Country > Line of Business > Product.

The same functionlity is available in QlikSense and there is no reason why Power BI should not offer the same.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

This would be an incredibly powerful tool that would reduce the number of bookmarks or tabs currently needed to create the same visual effect for the end users. For me to currently do this, I use a tedious visual layering method, showing/hiding numerous visuals with various bookmarks.

Advocate I

Wish this was possible!  The current workaround is to create a copy of your table unpivoted on the columns you want to drill through. This is awkward and wasteful of memory. 

Advocate II

I think dynamically switching the drill-down path (between axis and Legend columns) as I'm drilling down would be cumbersome (like drilling thgrough, where you have to right click, then enter a sub-menu, and finally select the target page).

Anyway, it would be great to drill down a %barchart LEGEND, the way we do it with a piechart.

Helper I

This is needed ASAP

Resident Rockstar

indeed a incredible idea, this will make reports more dyanmics. 

Regular Visitor

I'm advocating for my organization to switch from Qlik to PBI, and this is the only downside on PBI. Would appreciate a quick fix on this 

Frequent Visitor

100% on this. One of those ones where I honestly can't believe it's not already available. 

Helper II

100% on this. I don't want to create thousands of charts and then show and hide them.
That's a waste of time and memory. 

New Member

Enabling drill-up/drill-down in legend would be awesome