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View of all Datasets and Refresh Status



I think it would be very beneficial for Power BI admins to have a view of all of the datasets for Workspaces they are associated with in Power BI Service.  This view could be customizeable, datasets could be added/removed from the list, and show the Dataset Name, Last Refresh, Next Scheduled Refresh, Error icon (if last refresh resulted in an error) and the Refresh button to manually refresh each of the datasets.


This would provide a one view solution for admins to check on the refresh status of each of the datasets they're responsible for.  Unless I'm missing something, currently I have to visit each workspace individually to check on the status.  If we have an issue overnight with our Data Warehouse and it refreshes late (after the datasets are scheduled to auto-refresh), then I have to go into each and every affected workspace and manually refresh each dataset.  That's very time consuming and leaves a lot of room to miss affected datasets.  This view would allow admins to refresh any that need refreshed and see any refresh problems all from one screen.

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Something like this can be built with a Powershell script and using Power BI API (that's what I use).

It lists all workspaces and then loops through it and downloads last 5 refreshes for each dataset inside each workspace and saves it as a CSV file.


I like your idea and I upvoted it. In the interim you should try writing a script yourself. There's a module called MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt that helps with loging in and some API calls.

Impactful Individual

Very Good Idea.

Could we see the Percentage of Dataset Refresh that is achieved, and the tables that are processed, the number of rows ? Like a sort of progress bar.

Thanks !