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Text Wrapping in Charts

Currently, when using Pie Charts, there is no way to make the label text wrap instead of being cutoff and showing the three ellipses.  It would be nice to have the ability to Toggle On and Off Pie Chart Label Wrapping.  When you are already using the shortest name possible its not ideal to have text cutoff, the only way to avoid this is to make the pie chart larger than necessary. 





Status: New
Advocate II

Same problem with the donut chart (not surprisingly). There seems to be a un-sweet spot with these visuals, they either have to be very tall of very wide in order to show the whole detail labels, otherwise they get ellipsised

New Member

@JMWDBA @jaap_olsthoorn 

Just decrease your label font size

Advocate II

@pkrutin006 unfortunately, there is so small that you can take these things before they are just not usable to anyone. As an education entity, we lean very heavily toward ADA standards when it comes to the size of the text. Other BI platforms have done this with no problem, it's just something that Microsoft has not given any attention to among other things.