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Support multiple deployment pipelines across workspaces

We are super happy with the ability to use deployment pipelines to control deployments of our Power BI reports and data sets. However - it is a hassle for us that a workspace can only be used within one pipeline. We love the pipelines since it reduces manual errors when deploying, but since a pipeline is hooked up to a workspace - and has access to everything in it - it introduces another risk of manual failure when you need to select the few items to deploy in a workspace.

We request the following:

  • Allow a workspace to be used by multiple pipelines
  • Enable us to select which artifacts (reports, data sets etc) to include in a pipeline

This will allow us to create a pipeline, add the relevant artifacts to it and give the right people access to the pipeline. Thos people will then only be able to deploy the pre-selected artifacts that they are allowed to touch.

/Jesper 😊


Status: New