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Something Like 'Sort By' Column for Slicers

Use Case: I have had many occasions where I would like to have a slicer with a slider that, instead of an individual date, the values shown in the start and end date boxes are things such as "Jan 2023" or "Week 34." This would be possible if slicer had something similar to a "Sort by Column" feature where the "sort by" column had to be a number or date. For example, in my Dates table I have a column called "Month&Year" with values such as "Jan 2023" and I also have a column called "MonthIndex" with an integer that is equal to 1 for all dates in the first month included in the table, 2 for all dates in the second month, etc. I would love to be able to have a slicer that uses a slider to adjust start and end values using MonthIndex but displays the corresponding Month&Year values in the start and end boxes in the slicer. When the user clicks on either the start or end box, a list of the available Month&Year values would be shown for selection.

Status: New