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Preselect first row in table visual

I would like a checkbox option for preselect first row, in properties for the table visual.



A report with 3 tables, main table incidents and two tables showing incident details and related incidents.

When opening the report it would look much better if first row in the incident table is selected, so the two other tables only show details and related incident for on incident.

Today it shows details and related incidents for all incidents until the user selects one row in the incidents table.

Status: New
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... or, it would be great to be able have selection controls similar to the slicer, where you might have required select, single select or multiple select with or without holding the CTRL key. 

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Unfortunately, no.

My current workaround is to add a new column in the table, with a concatinated string value. Eg. Issue ID Date Title.

Then I make the first visual a slicer instead of a table, and select the new column as value in the slicer.