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Make card clickable as filter

We have some dashboards where the users want to see a flow chart, with a details table underneath.Then when they click a section in the flow chart, they want the details table to show only hte information belonging to the selection in that section.

For the flow chart I use cards, but I cannot use them as filters. Right now I work with shapes and bookmarks to filter the details table, but then unselecting the filter is annoying.


What we would like to see: Make the card such that if you click it the filters on that card are applied to the whole page and when you click it again this filtering is undone.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

The card layout visuals should at least have action buttons to link to the reports. This is a common question from our end users asking, can you make cards clickable with the details in a table format... using button as a workaround is painful formatting and editing.. This is an another area where Tableau standsout with slick capabilities.