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Include Header Line as Option to Title in Slicers

So i was wondering if there's any way to add the box/lines option that Headers may have on Slicers, on Titles.

Sample figure showing the line i'm talking about.Sample figure showing the line i'm talking about.
Besides not looking something cooler, i'm creating a report with easy-to-understand slicers so that the user can adjust.

The lines of the headers makes easier to the user to see what are the fields being sliced on.

Also, i don't think that it is trivial to rename a column condittionally (if it is possible to do so), e.g. if the user has not filled a certain slicer field (since resetting all selections is a option in my report), the text would change from "Value" to something like "Value - Selection Required!".

So, it's basically adding the shape options that headers have to titles.

Thank you!

Status: New