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Improved table visual - dynamic column names


I have a table similar to this one


I need a comparison table ("1 vs 1") with 2 columns based on Year column, using two slicers for years.


So, I've created 2 tables for each slicer based on the year column using this thread: Re: Two slicer on same column


FilterTBL-Base = DISTINCT('DataTable'[Year])
FilterTBL-CompareTo = DISTINCT('DataTable'[Year])

And for each "filter table" I have created the corresponding measure to know the selected value:


SelectedYear-Base = SELECTEDVALUE('FilterTBL-Base'[Year])


SelectedYear-CompareTo = SELECTEDVALUE('FilterTBL-CompareTo'[Year])

Now I am able to calculate the "base total" and the "total to compare to" in my data table using the following measures:


TotalBase = SUMX(FILTER('DataTable','DataTable'[Year]=[SelectedYear-Base]),'DataTable'[Cost])



TotalCompareTo = SUMX(FILTER('DataTable','DataTable'[Year]=[SelectedYear-CompareTo]),'DataTable'[Cost])

So the entire structure looks like this:




The calculation works as expected:



The only problem it bothers me, is that the final table should have the column names based on the slicer selections. In picture above TotalBase should display "FY_2010" and the TotalCompareTo should display "FY_2011".


I could obtain this by manually renaming the measured used in the value field, but if the user select other options in the slicer I have to rename the fields again.




As I could rename the field manually, could you consider a way to "set its name" by another measure value (ex. SelectedYear-Base)?

For the moment the only "workaround" is an card visual with the same font/size as the other colum titles from the table but loosing in this way the "focus mode" for that table, sorting etc...


Kind Regards,


Status: New