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Improve Conditional formating waterfall(or bar chart)


Hello all, I was trying to conditionally format  the data labels colors based on a measure.

Here is my conditional measure :

Indicador Payback =
VAR checkant = CALCULATE('Metricas Consolidado'[Check Payback],DATEADD('Calendário'[Data],-1,MONTH)) 
VAR checkatual = 'Metricas Consolidado'[Check Payback]
checkant = FALSE() && checkatual = TRUE(), TRUE(), FALSE()) 
IF(indicador =TRUE(),"red","blue")

Using it in a waterfall graph (does not work on a column chart either) the month oh 06/2022 should be colored red however it comes out as blue





I know the measure is working because I have tested it on a table and it works (returns red or blue accordindly and the red output is only on june) also using it as a tooltip over the graph above it is displayed correctly as well (the other months show up as blue)




It is configured corretly 



Also if I try a simpler conditional formatting it is not working as well (should have turned everything below 0 into a red font) but does nothing.


Posted it on sissues and was told by a MS representative that
"The current position, waterfall map can only support font color uniform modification, can not be defined individually."

So I cannot change the color of a columns, witch is usefull to highlight turning points or any other point of interest.

Status: New