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How to check Sign-in and Audit activity reports in Azure Portal for Intune?

Microsoft Azure portal for Intune provide you the information about user sign-in activities (includes usage of managed applications) and Audit Logs (information about users ,group management, your managed applications and directory activities) through reporting.


The information which is tracked, will help you to determine sign-in status for applications,with MFA (Multi factor authentication), MFA results etc


To see the activity of Sign-ins and Audit logs, login to ,click on Intune, right side you will see Users




Click on Users to see activity with Sign-ins and Audit logs ,Click on Sign-Ins




On the right side,  you will see list of all users with their sign-in status for applications.


On the top, you will see several filters like Date (Range from 1 month, 7 days, 24 hours and custom) , User (user name or UPN name), Application (application name),client and Sign-in status (success,failure or all).


I want to see the activities performed by specific users (eswar) ,to see that, simply type the user name or UPN in User filter tab and click on Apply to see the results




You also have an option to download the results into CSV format.


To see the audit logs ,while you are on users and groups- sign-ins ,click on Audit logs to see information about users ,group management.


Audit logs also filter option to list the activities performed by specific user instead of seeing long results.




As you can see from above snippet,there are several activities for user eswar koneti like change user license ,add owner to group, member to group,update user initiated by (actor) .


This also gives you option to download the results into CSV file.


I will need to see if this information can get from Power BI without going through Azure portal.

Status: New