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Formula Reader

I had a lightbulb moment and quickly had to post this before i forgot.


As a relatively new user of DAX only been on Power Bi for 4 months now, i have come across formulas that i do not understand as i read them, i have been given reports to work on and develop them from a fresh perspective. I can look at function definitions and go from there but i have seen quite advanced formulas, using var for example. I still do not know how this works.


So i propose that there could be a system that can read a formula and tell you exactly what it will do and what will be the outcome. It can have generic explanations of functions and addinging in the table(column) mid sentence.


E.g if you had a simple formula of SUM(Table1(Sales) and it will read it and return as "Formula will add all numbers in 'Table1(Sales)' and give you a total"


This would be useful for new users as they can use it when looking at new reports with calc columns and measures, so if they see formulas in a report they received, they can easily understand it because looking at the results on its own is not enough information about what the formula is specifically doing. I've come across formulas that logically do not make any sense but they give the desired outcome, i do not question it but i would love to know exactly it does.

Status: New