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Filter by list slicer should be a slicer type option functionality build-in Power BI

At the moment there is no built-in slicer option in Power BI to filter your visual by pasting a list of values like: 1,XY,27

There is a third-party visual which was free for a long time, developed by Devscope, however it is not the case anymore. It requires licensing now and we can't achieve the same functionality within what is available in power bi.

Why Microsoft is not able to bring this kind of simple functionallity which brings a lot of benefits to users as a slicer type? 


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This definitly should be a built-in visual

New Member

Tableau have it built-in, so agree

Super User

I agree we need a built-in slicer for this functionality.
There is a third-party one I use every time. It's called Mass Slicer, and it's available in the "get more visuals" option.

See it in Action 




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Mass filter could be an option however first of all you can't sync it across the report pages which is basic slicer functionality and there is a limit of 20k fields for pasting.