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Extend Navigation to support permissions

It would be great if we could use row-level security to control who has access to the left navigation or to control what navigation items show up.  


There are workarounds:

  • Custom navigation using buttons.
  • Overlay to hide reports (might work if security is not a concern).
  • Multiple Power BI applications each with different navigation. 


All of the workarounds have drawbacks, using permissions would be much more elegant.



Status: New
Regular Visitor

Just to clarify, each user could potentially see a different navigation based on the permission you set up.



User 1 (Jane Doe)

  • Report Group 1
    • Page 1
    • Page 2
    • Page 3
  • Report Group 2
    • Page 1
    • Page 2

User 2 (John Doe)

  • Report Group 1
    • Page 1
    • Page 2
  • Report Group 3
    • Page 1