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Drill Down Choropleth - Data Colors reset on each filter

When using the Drill Down Choropleth visual with a Legend, you can set Data Colors in the normal manner.  However (unlike most visuals) these dont "stick" - every time the visual is filtered it re-assigns colors from the default palette.


You can repro this behaviour using the sample PBIX file provided with the visual.  From the page: Choropleth with Legend, go to the Visual Level Filters and filter the Party field, e.g. select B and D.  You can also try using the Format / Data Colors property to set a specific color, then change the filter and watch it reset to the default palette.


For my scenario, each value in the Legend field should show in a specific colour, regardless of filtering.  This is achieveable with other visuals e.g. TreeMap.  Please fix this aspect of an otherwise outstanding Custom Visual.

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FWIW, any help with this issue will contribute in a small part to literally saving the planet – my use of this visual is to help the people running this project:

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Hello @mike_honey


We'll look into this issue.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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Awesome - thanks!

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Hi - did you get a resolution on this issue?  I'm having the same trouble now.  

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@lilyblue01 - nope, sadly the development on this visual appears to have stopped - seemingly it fell in a hole between Microsoft and the original developers Gramener.


I've given up and moved those projects to the Mapbox Custom Visual. While Mapbox is already a much better map generally, it also currently suffers from the same issue. However there is a much more active development effort behind Mapbox so we have some hope of it being resolved ... soon ...

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