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Custom Hierarchy as Filter Option

This is not an actual request for a new visual.  I would like the POWER BI Platform team to create the ability to use a custom hierarchy as a filter that can be included in the standard filter pane.  I believe that you can enable this capablity by having the user/developer create the custome hierarchy and then turn on the ability from the data model to include as a filter. 


Forcing the users to rely on a custom visual slicer to do this work is a nuisance activity, and it does not allow developers and/or report builders the opportunity to standardize to a single filtering format (e.g. visual slicers or the filter pane).  Standardization behaviors are key to report adoption for end-users.  The more reliable it is for them to use 1 method or the other speeds up their learning agility as they adopt new reports. 


I will reiterate that I would ask that you consider enabling the ability to allow custom hierarchies to be included as filters for the Filter Pane vs. forcing the use of visual slicers.

Status: New