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Button to Export Date

Today the end user can export data from a visual by clicking on the elipse and selecting Export data.


I would love to be able to add a button that would do the same thing. Can you create a button to Export Data? 


Letting the user do it on the spot would be better than using a Power Automate flow. A flow that exports to Excel uses Apply to Each which is slow. I created a flow that exports the data to a CSV file in SharePoint but Power Automate doesn't offer an action to open a SharePoint file. In PowerBI I added a separate button to open the URL of the folder (Action->Type: Web URL). Opening the CSV file's URL causes it to be downloaded. I don't want to train end users to find the downloaded file so I open the parent folder instead.


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@ABSKashush to the best of my knowledge, I don't think there is a way to create a custom blank button and use that to export data out of Power BI. 

I might not have gotten your question fully, but you can setup Power Automate within Power BI that creates a Power Automate Button on your dashboard. When the users click on this button, it will export the selected data to the local drive or sharepoint depending on how you setup the flow. This way the user's wont need to click on more options - > export data. Is this what you are looking for?