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Bulk Filter

Hi, it would be great to have the possibility to copy/paste a series of values (i.e. from an Excel table) into the Power BI Advanced filter pane instead of looking up value by value and holding the ctrl. key. This would be great if you need to filter out a series (i.e. a bunch of customer IDs etc) out of a dataset. There is already a custom visual called 'Filter by List by Devscope' in the shop but it requires to add an additional visual on the report. It would be great to have this function integrated into the PowerBI Filter (maybe as an additional option in the Advanced Filter). 

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i would suggest this idea. it would be great if we have options to copy paste bulk value and filter

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The ability to copy and paste multiple items into a filter creates a great deal of efficiencies. The last reports we've utilized had this capability and in my opinion is mandatory.  

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Can't agree more.  Being able to copy and paste multiple values into the filter selection is NEEDED.  The inefficiency our team and company will have as we transition to this tool from a legacy tool will be likely be hours on a weekly basis, potentially daily.  Please consider this and quickly.  

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Technically it shouldn't be very complicate. If you select item by item on a basic filter the tooltip shows you the string it is creating (it looks like this: is value, value, value, value or value). I created such a string and copy/pasted it directly into the filter but it doesn't work 😞 I hope Microsoft is checking this option.


I too am interested in adding (by bulk, in text format) a series of valued into a filter, would save a lot of time.