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Allow Power BI Dataset Direct Query (composite Model) on power bi service to be able to refresh

currently this works fine when refreshing over power bi desktop but its a limitation on the power bi service that give a SSO authentication error and doesnt allow to refresh (this its actually a noted limitation on power bi dataset direct query. 

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Exact same issue - or at least let us set up an MS flow to republish the dataset 😂

Regular Visitor

Also facing same issue when creating calculated tables on a PBI dataset. Any help would be appreciated!

Helper I

Yeah this really came as a surprise.


Everything works fine i Desktop - then you find out, it doesn't work in Service. 


I also tried to see if it was possible to refresh the dataset using Power Automate, but that doesn't work as well. 


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Any known workarounds? I spent weeks developing a data model only to find out that now it's impossible to refresh via the service. That's a no go for our users. 

Is there really no way to add transformation steps to a shared dataset?  

Helper I

as far as i know once you use directquery to a PBI datsource and have any sort of calculated column/dax it breaks the refresh. it's insane why even have this option when it breaks the fundamental functions of a PBI report...

Helper I

Does anyone know if this new feature changes anything in this regard? 👇


Announcing general availability for composite models on Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services mode...


Advocate II

This really needs to be solved a.s.a.p. as we have now several reports which collect data from other reports. So basically aggregating data from multiple reports into one. Composite models based on existing datasets is a very helpful feature as it makes sure that changes to the various datasets are also propagated to the composite dataset. A workaround would be to recreate a complete dataset from scratch specially for the aggregated report, but that's very tricky as changes to the dataset of the original report also need to be propagated to the dataset of the aggregated report. So it requires a very strict change process and extremely detailed documentation to make things work this way. Therefor I hope MS will fix this issue in the near future, as right now the composite model feature makes no sense. But as I see that this issue is logged in October 2021, I doubt if they will fix it.

Helper III

If a Composie dataset won't load proplerly to the Service what is the purpose of allowing it to do so in the first place. 
I hope that some time is put into fixing this as it would reduce frustration. 

Advocate II

We are working with datasets providing a "drag-and-drop" experience for users, who want to create quick and easy reports or do not have deep understanding of ETL in PBI. However there are scenarios where a helper table is necessary e.g. for certain scenarios or calculations. Due to the limitiation we have either to find a workaround or build another datasets especially for the demanded scenario. 

Composite models was suppose to overcome the limitations of datasets in terms of adding tables or calculated columns, but if theses cannot be refreshed, a major functionality for even using composite models is gone. 

Please add this to the composite model functionality asap.