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Add the ability to show duplicate data in the Table Visual

My suggestion is to add an option which allows for duplicate data rows to be displayed in a table visual.


For example. Say we have the following table:


If I were to display Columns 1,2 and 3 in a table visual, by default they would be displayed as such:


(Regardless of wether the "Don't Summarize" option is active or not for the respective collumns)


So I think it'd be great if we had the option to disable the aggregation and display the raw duplicate data rows.


Using this post as a reference:

"Power BI is first and foremost a data aggregation and visualization tool, it sort of assumes you want to DO something with the data, not just display it raw. That being said, surprisingly, I have not see this posted in Ideas, so I would recommend that you submit it and post the link back here so we can vote for it."




Status: New
New Member

Hi, This needs to be there in power bi for understading the duplicate entries in the data as visual.