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Power BI Deneb Edge Bundling Custom Visual

Hi all!


I'm trying to re-create this visual in Power BI with Deneb, my input data is similar to the sample from

What should I update in the code to change data sources to xlsx on my PC?

I was trying to change the "url": "data/flare-dependencies.json", "data/flare.json" as path on my PC.

Because in the sample it refers to "url": "data/flare-dependencies.json", "data/flare.json"


Thanks in advance!


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Hi avatorl, thanks for your response!


I have tried to upload json sample files from the vega example into my dropbox:




and then change data source in Power BI/Deneb code from:, as you can see above at the screenshot. I still cannot see any data on the canvas, only legend and slicer triggers.


Any ideas?



Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Option 1) (certified Deneb from AppSource installed)
use data from your Power BI data model, you can't reference external data sources

Option 2) (Deneb standalone version installed)
a) use data from your Power BI data model, you can't reference external data sources (see option 1)
b) publish CSV or JSON file(s) online (for example using DropBox) and then reference it from Vega code. You can't use XLSX files. You can't reference a local file. Supported formats:

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