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Resolver I
Resolver I

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I joined the forum today and made my first post in Power BI Desktop. I got a couple of quick replies indicating that I didn't provide enough information. I tried replying to the post several times with more information, each time I hit reply, nothing shows up. I finally gave up and created a new post with the requested detail to hopefully get a valid solution. However, even this post has gone into the ether.


What is going on here? If this forum is so hard to use, then I give Microsoft an F. Otherwise, please help find my posts because I have already wasted about 3 hours trying to craft, over and over, thoughtful, detailed descriptions and have simply run out gas to try again. Some of us have real jobs and can't afford to spend all day deciphering a quixotic algorithm.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Thank you for your attention and response. The main reason I was fuming was because my entire account was flagged as spam as I could neither reply nor make new posts rendering it useless. In fact, I was surprised that I was even able to post/reply in this discussion topic.


I know it probably won't go anywhere, but here are some suggestions:


1. Have the forum at least provide some warning that you are about to be or are flagged as spam. There was no warning/alerts whatsoever. As a result, I wasted an enormous amount of time trying to post a reply three or four times with no idea my account was even flagged. This is a major deficiency in the design of this website.


2. Have the flagged posts/replies somehow searchable among the user profile. I could not even see where they went or that they were even flagged. Another major deficiency.


3. You say that too many edits can trigger it. Well, for me, crafting a well thought out post/reply requires several edits. Now, I am just going to have to live with the misspellings, less than clear context, etc...another deficiency.


I don't know what's going on with this forum that MS has to be so draconian in how they administer spam filters, but if I was the Business Manager of such a deficient product I would immediately fire the third-party provider of the spam filter. This is simply unacceptable behavior for a forum that supports a product that faces C-Suite users.


Just my two cents.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Let me provide some contect to my post above and the fact that several days have now elapsed with no response.


1. I am a paying Premium user of PowerBI

2. I am a new user of Power BI and still learning and struggling, thus dependent on forum such as this

3. I am fighting forces within my organization to ditch PowerBI in preference for open-sourced solutions

4. I am logged into this forum with my organization email, not some spoof/burner email

5. Yet, Microsoft flags me as a spammer

6. Days have elapsed as if Microsoft refuses to respond/address my issues


Is there any reason why I shouldn't be fuming?

Hello @WishAskedSooner,

Just wanted to touch base to let you know your message about your post being marked as spam was received.
Your post has been marked as not spam and it has been moved back.


The platform scans for spam automatically and we monitor all flagged posts to determine whether or not the content should be unmarked. There are multiple variables the platform scans for and I have no way of knowing exactly what triggered your post to be flagged. Some common trigger items are copy and pasting content in and multiple edits. You should be good to go on this post.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Natalie H.
Community Manager 

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