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Advocate I
Advocate I

Need to Change Account Email Address

Good afternoon -

My employer has split us off into a new company and, as a result, we have new email addresses and will be losing our old ones at some indeterminate time in the future. As my account with this community is registered under the old address, I need to have it changed to the new one.

How do I do this?

Thanx for any assistance!

Frequent Visitor

Hi-  I am looking to change the email address on the account I created.  I was unknowingly logged in with my work MS account using that email address.  Two days ago I completed this process described above but have not yet been contacted.  Any help is greatly appreciated


Hello @srsmetrics,

Thank you for reaching out.  Did you fill out the Fabric Community Support form at I am not seeing your request.



Natalie H.

Community Manager

I though I had completed this process but maybe something timed out in the process.  I just completed the the forms again and everything seemed to word properly. Please Advise.  Thanks! 

Hello @srsmetrics,

I see your support request now.  I will work on it and reach out to you via your contact email address on the form to provide an update.



Natalie H.

Community Manager 

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

@BrandyG_iTalent   Does it mean that I will lose my current username since you are requesting to create a new profile with a new username (cannot use the old one obviously... system won't allow it) and the port all the data from my old profile into the new profile. 

Am I following this correctly?  I will lose my current user name?  Is there a way to avoid this?



N -

Hello @nickchobotar,

Thank you for reaching out and posting in the community!

Your old username will be retained with the profile contributions. The email address is changed from old to new. Also, there is option to raise Username Change Request in the support form

Hope this answers your question.


Thank you for being part of the community!




Hello @CKinTX 


If you change jobs or lose access to the email associated with your community account, we are able to map your existing account to a newly created account so that you don't lose any community contributions. 


The Power BI community does require an AAD account. If the account you would like to use is not AAD, you can create one for free by following 'I Need an Organizational Account' in this support article:


Here is what I would suggest, if your new email account is not AAD, follow the instructions I just linked for 'I Need an Organizational Account', then proceed below to open a support case and have your old account and new account mapped.  If your new account is AAD, proceed with opening a support case for the mapping:


To open a support case, visit Please include the community user/profile name and email address you previously used to log into the community, as well as the newly created community user/profile name and email address of the account you create. 


Please feel free to send me a PM if you need further assistance or have questions!



Hi @BrandyG_iTalent 

I originally created my profile with an email account like However, at a later date, our business unit created a subdomain and used this to start with Azure, and to get better Office 365 subscriptions. My "new" Office 365 user is associated with the email account

This latter account is the one registered in AAD, having a Power BI Pro licence, able to use the Power BI service, and so on. Everything works fine, so I can log into Power BI service without problems. Do I still need to use the link you provided, since this seems to be for cases "cannot log into Power BI"?

Hi @nickvanmaele!


Essentially we need to update your email, for that you would open a support case. Last you checked, it wanted a fee to open a case. Have you tried using your new account to see if that is the same? I've been told there should not be a fee, so if you are getting prompted for that again, let me know. 


We can save some back and forth and you will not lose any of your contributions during this process if you will do the following before you open a case:


1. Please open in a different browser in private mode.

2. Click ‘Register’ using your new org account

3. At this point, it will ask you to create a new profile. Please complete this step.

4. Take note of your new profile page URL. Do NOT perform any activity with this new profile (like creating posts, etc).

5. We will map this org account with your old community profile/organizational account.


When you open your case, put in the details the link to your existing profile url, the username and email associated with that account, as well as the same information for your newly created account. So it would look like:


Existing community account:

  • Profile URL
  • Username
  • Email

New community account:

  • Profile URL
  • Username
  • Email

Let me know how I can help if you get stuck!



@BrandyG_iTalentThank you for your recommendation. I was about to do this, but knew that I had once had access. Presuming that I had simply recorded the e-mail address, I did a thorough search, finally uncovered the appropriate one, and was able to re-enter my account. Sorry for this - but on the other hand I'm glad I did not have to put you through any unnecessary work. 

I think we are using AAD accounts, but I don't know for sure; I'll have to check.

I looked at making a support ticket, but that entails a fee, so I'll have to pass on that. I wish the profile page had an option to change the associated email address. But, oh well.

Thanx for your reply, though, Brandy!

Hey @CKinTX 


Check out the steps for opening a support ticket here:


I've not ever heard anything about a fee, and I don't think there is one. If you get to a place in the process where a fee mentioned, please grab a screenshot and PM it to me and I will follow  up. 


Let me know if this helps!



Yup, the support page still says I have to pay a fee, if I'm not a pro user - I'm not. So, getting help that way will be charged.


Pro users get free support. Fill out a support ticket and we’ll get back to you soon.


Is there another route?

@CKinTX  - Let me do some checking and I'll get back to you!


Thanx, Brandy!

There's no rush since, last I heard, we'll be monitoring the old address for a year, still.

And, from something I heard, we may be going to Power BI as our official reporting tool, so we may be getting an enterprise edition and that may clear things up some.

But, that's just rumor...

Mornin', Brandy -

Well, to experiment, I tried signing out with my current account and logging back in using my new email address. The Sign In screen had both addresses listed as choices, so I presume that means the new address is an AAD address.


So, I clicked on it and got the sign in screen. When I put in my credentials, I got a red error box saying;


This community account is already associated with a different organization account.


Looks like I'll have to try the ticket route. I'll try that again and see if I get the fee notification again.


Thanx for your help!

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