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NEED HELP bringing my old account to the new organizational account!!!

Hi all,


I just changed my company and my 3yrs old community account is tied up to my previous work address which I don't have access to any more! I even sent email to but after many emails, got only one bot reply with no solution.

Since my old account k3rz0rg is tied up to my old email address and could not log in, had to register again with new account name.

I have 3yrs worth of info into that account and now I am so frustrated that I find no way to pull my old account info to my current organizational email address.

Can somebody help me with this issue or redirect me to the place where I can talk to some to resolve this (if possible)?


Thanks in advance,

k3rz0rgv2 (k3rz0rg).

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hello @k3rz0rgv2 

If you change jobs or lose access to the email associated with your community account, we are able to map your existing account to a newly created account so that you don't lose any community contributions. 


The Power BI community does require an AAD account. If the account you would like to use is not AAD, you can create one for free by following 'I Need an Organizational Account' in this support article:


Here is what I would suggest, if your new email account is not AAD, follow the instructions I just linked for 'I Need an Organizational Account', then proceed below to open a support case and have your old account and new account mapped.  If your new account is AAD, proceed with opening a support case for the mapping:


To open a support case, visit Please include the community user/profile name and email address you previously used to log into the community, as well as the newly created community user/profile name and email address of the account you create. 


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have questions!


Update: I just saw your PM to me. When did you submit your support ticket?

Hi @JCM_iTalent ,


thank you for the prompt response.

My previous username is k3rz0rg and email for that was

And my current email address is and had to register with new username which is k3rz0rgv2 to get access to the community to ask for help.

What to do next?





update: I sent my last set of emails on may 7th to from my current organizational email but no response.

@k3rz0rgv2 I just saw your PM to me. When did you submit your support ticket?


I sent my last set of emails on may 7th to from my current organizational email but no response.

@k3rz0rgv2 Thank you. I will check with the team.

Hello @JCM_iTalent ,


is there any update on my issue?




@k3rz0rgv2 Support should have reached out to you today. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

@JCM_iTalent Thanks! In my previous reply, you have my previous and current account info. If anything else was needed, let me know! I'll wait for the response!

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