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My reply, to my thread, is being marked as spam - why?


I have created a thread named 'Embedding a report into a website - confused' in which I am attempting to add a reply, however each I am trying to add the reply (the same reply - trying over and over) I am getting a notification indicating my reply is being marked as spam.


Why is this?  Is there something I need to avoid doing so to not have this issue in future.

Below is the reply I'm trying to add:

Thank you for your responses.


The big question I had regarding the use of 'Publish to web' was the licensing arrangements. I've always understood that for a end-user to consume a Power BI report they needed to have a Power BI Pro license (this strategy allows MS to receive their revenue).
However, if I am correct in the following steps then this allows a bypass of any revenue being received by MS:
1) Create a Power BI report using the free Power BI Desktop software.

2) Publish that report to My Workspace in the Power BI Service.
3) Choose 'Publish to web' and embed the resulting iframe into a webpage.

Then as many end-users as I like can consume the Power BI report free of charge via the website - is this correct?


Surely I'm missing something here as it can allow MS to miss out on a lot of revenue. Again, I always understood that for an end-user to consume a Power BI report they must have a Power BI Pro license assigned to them. Please confirm?



I have read the limitations section of the link provided already. The only two limitations that could affect my scenario are the following:
1) Reports using row level security
A 'Publish to web' method will mean that any RLS applied to the report will not work when it's embedded in the website. Therefore the only method of security will be to apply restrictions on end-users accessing the actual website. Is this correct?
2) Reports containing report-level DAX measures

Is this when the DAX measures are actually created in the Desktop report itself as opposed to creating DAX measures in SSAS Tabular?   If this is correct then should a report's slicer visual be interacted with, considering a measure is present that contains a SELECTEVALUE function from the slicer visual value, then that DAX measure won't update and thus the end-user's interaction with the report will not work?


If you can provide clarity to my questions in this post then it will be very helpful. Thanks.

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Is there a moderator who can help with this please as I really need to be able to post my reply and, hopefully, get a response to that reply?

Hello @D_PBI,


Your post has been marked as 'not spam' and moved back. The platform scans for spam automatically and all flagged posts are monitored to determine whether or not the content should be unmarked. There are multiple variables the platform scans for, and I have no way of knowing exactly what triggered your post to be flagged. Some common trigger items are copy and pasting content in and multiple edits. 


Content marked as spam is monitored most heavily Monday - Friday, during US business hours. 

Hi @JCM_iTalent  - it was there then I made a very slight amendment and now it's disappeared again. Please bring it back and this time I won't make the amendment (as it's not neccessary).

@D_PBI, your post should be visible again.




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