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My replies are removed for spam

I have posted a question under one of the boards but when I try to reply to a possible solution, it is removed for "spam" I have reported this but it contiues to happen. All I am trying to do is post a table that showes a new issue with a suggested solution. Please help.


@AppleDapple668  - 

Just wanted to touch base to let you know your message about your posts being marked as spam was received.

Your posts have been marked as not spam and it has been moved back. The platform scans for spam automatically and we monitor all flagged posts to determine whether or not the content should be unmarked. There are multiple variables the platform scans for and I have no way of knowing exactly what triggered your post to be flagged. Some common trigger items are copy and pasting content in and multiple edits. You should be good to go on this post.


Thanks for being a part of the community!

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