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Limited space or capacity with Full feature Fabric availability for small tutors trainers youtubers

Dear Microsoft Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the incredible tools and platforms that Microsoft consistently offers to users worldwide. The impact of your software, particularly Power BI, has been profound, not only for established enterprises but also for smaller entities and individuals, such as home-based workers, content creators, and educators.

The success and widespread adoption of Power BI can be partially attributed to the strategic move of offering a limited edition for free. This enabled enthusiasts, educators, and content creators to share their experiences and knowledge about the platform, consequently driving its popularity even further. This approach also empowered individuals like work-at-home moms and YouTubers to create valuable content and earn a living by providing tutorials and insights into Power BI's capabilities.

I recognize that Microsoft's Fabric is an exceptional service; however, the current structure limits its accessibility to enterprise users and provides a trial period of 60 days. I comprehend the rationale behind this, especially concerning analytics and profitability assessments.

Yet, I humbly propose a potential win-win situation. Could Microsoft consider offering a full-featured sandbox for Fabric with limited compute and storage capacities? This approach could immensely benefit tutors, trainers, YouTubers, and content creators by enabling them to create training materials, instructional videos, and educational content using Fabric. In return, Microsoft would receive organic promotion and exposure, akin to the positive advertising generated by the free edition of Power BI.

The investment required for this initiative would be relatively minimal – perhaps around 500MB of storage and limited compute capacity, sufficient for running a single substantial personal project. Such an offering could stimulate a community of enthusiastic individuals eager to explore Fabric's capabilities, showcase its potential, and contribute to its widespread adoption.

This proposal aims to facilitate access to Fabric for smaller-scale users while fostering a collaborative environment where creativity and innovation thrive. I believe it aligns with Microsoft's commitment to empowering individuals and organizations through technology.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I am enthusiastic about the possibilities that such an initiative could unlock for both Microsoft and the community of aspiring users.

Original Version (sorry for my poor grammer , above is chat gpt rephrased  )
Dear Team, 

One reason of popularity of Power bi is the free advertisement that every one has done for microsoft (ofource because power bi is great) ,and that was possible because you have given limited edition of power bi to free. This has also helped many small work at home mom , youtuber to earn some living by creating power bi video tutorial. 

I understand that fabric is free for only 60days and you are allowing only enterprise users mainly because you are very keen on doing analytics to see posible profit margin estimation which is really

However , My i kindly please request you to offer a Full feature sandbox for fabric with limited compute and limited space which will help small tutors trainers youtubers to make training videos and also you get free advertisement in return just like power bi . .

its a win win for both and you have very less to invest 500mb of space and very limited compute to run one good personal project is what I ask


Hello @DhrubojitG 


Thank you for making a post in Community Feedback.  My recommentation would be to register on the Fabric Ideas site and submit your idea there.


Thank you,


Fabric Community Manager


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