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I can't log into Power BI Community.

I am posting this under a different account. However I can't log into the community using my business email.

I log in and it takes me there with no error but there is still an option to "sign in" in the top right. I can post a question but as soon as I submit it asks me to log in and then keeps asking me to log in in an infinite loop.

I can still log on to Power BI Service.
I have a trial pro account.

Any suggestions?




Hey @Weka - Sounds like you'll need to open a support case. Check out the support article here, specifically 'Caught In A Loop':

Hi @BrandyG_iTalent , I have read those links.  Unfortunately I can't create a support ticket as I this account is not a Pro account.  The other account is.  I just get redirected to this number 1-800-642-7676 which I have tried but it si just an automated loop.  Probably in the wrong time zone as I am in New Zealand.


Any suggestions?

Hey @Weka - I'm told anyone should be able to open a support ticket. See if this blog post helps you:


If it doesn't, and you still can't get a case opened, let me know and we'll explore what other options we have to resolve your issue!

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I have the same problem @Weka had and it's almost 16 months later.

If anyone has an easy answer please post.  I'll read and try @BrandyG_iTalent's suggestions.  



I can see the other account that is me/mine but I can't get to it anymore.  It started last week and I posted questions/answers just last week.  


Only recently did I start getting the "Sign in to your organizational account" like @Weka got.  When I use my email I own and have been using power bi pro with it doesn't work anymore.  So I opened this new user with a different email. 


Here are my accounts:

paulwiner   userid 287724    (Just created today to make this post.)

paulw2       userid 83532      (started in Sept 2018.  9 posts. Says I was on today but couldn't post this and it kept telling me to sign in jus tlike @Weka)



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hello @Anonymous,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and Thank you for reaching out to us!

We are looking into this and will reachout to you for more details.


Thank you for being part of the community!



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