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Quick Info :

  • We have “Deployment Pipelines” in PowerBI which is the best way to use Workspace and content of power bi as Test Dev and PROD. More Info:
  • mahakrathore_0-1654265617221.jpeg


  • Currently, Deployment Pipeline has a Limitation where you cannot add/change the Pipeline assigned to the workspace if the user has not been given the rights on the pipeline.
  • You should have Administrator Rights to run the Rest API for that workspace and azure directory ( Basically a Power BI Admin)

Problem :

  • Someone assigned the Workspace to his/her pipeline and left the organization.
  • Did not add any other user/group to access the pipeline as per the recommendations.
  • There is no way you can Assign yourself or your group to Pipeline and fix it.

Super User
Super User

This article provides a function to calculate Networkdays.Intl on the lines of Excel provided NETWORKDAYS.INTL function.


Community Champion
Community Champion

The new Datamarts feature that was just announced in Microsoft build has a very special bonus for all the Mac developers that always wanted to work on Power BI Desktop but couldn't let go of their Mac..


Community Support
Community Support

This is an article about how to deal with R code which didn't result in creation of any visuals.


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